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I always enjoy finding creative solutions to life’s challenges and when I decided to resign from my job, go to graduate school, and move from Minneapolis to Oregon – well needless to say, challenges abounded! When we added to the mix my husband launching his own web development business, we were in a serious budget conundrum and some imagination was needed! So on April 20, 2010 Yummy Budget was born. The original intent was to track my weekly menus and food expenditures as a way to inspire me to try new recipes and police my meager budget. But I soon realized that Yummy Budget could be so much more than just an outlet for me and a diary of my culinary tales. The posts and categories have changed a lot since we first began on that fateful April morning and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my successes, mishaps, and discoveries. Cooking is one of my passions and if I can share that passion with another chef – then mission accomplished! So here’s to cooking great and tasty stuff, trying to stay economically-conscious when there’s all sorts of temptation at the grocery store, and enjoying the journey!

Newest Challenge: With my UO diploma in tow, we have relocated to Iowa and are forming a multi-generational household with my in-laws. More people to share tasty meals with = more inspiration in the kitchen! :-)

Newest of the New Challenge: We just moved to Austin, TX – now it’s cooking for two again and learning a new city, culture, and climate! This was one of our toughest moves as our dear, sweet Leroi did not join us for the trip. We’ll forever remember her sassy whistles when she wanted some treats as I prepared dinner!

Our family has grown again. We welcomed Oliver in our lives October 27th. Our little rescue weiner dog is a little champ – fitting right in with our quirky family! It’s great to have another helper in the kitchen. :-)

Our family, camera ready

Here’s a photo collage of our little family: Stella (our turtle who loves exploring and climbing), Leroi (our most outspoken and spoiled guinea), Taz (our shy, precious little one), and of course my husband and I. Quite a few mouths to feed! :)

Oliver relaxing but keeping a watchful eye on the kitchen

3 Responses to About Us

  1. You have encouraged me to get more organized in the kitchen. I have tried a few recipes and am going to try more. I love the nacho dip adding whip cream yummy, and the potatoe salad is great and easy to fix. The pictures of the food look delightful. I’m excited and will be following your future recipes and will be experimenting all the new foods. Thanks!!

  2. The french toast looks yummy…I’d like to try that. (this is a great idea- you should put some pics of you and hubby.

  3. This is great. But then I’m a biased parent. :)

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