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Recipe: Herb Cheese Bread

When not following the recipe goes awry… I like to think of myself as a pretty adept chef; I may not be well-versed in exotic ingredients, but I can make tweaks here and there to recipes to accommodate my budget. … Continue reading

How to: Make homemade tortillas

UPDATE – We have tortillas! Sometimes all it takes is a little more digging… and I found the recipe I was looking for that helped me create the perfect tortillas today. Thanks to Tasty Kitchen for posting this – what … Continue reading

Recipe: Fruit and Grain Muffins, made from juicer pulp

New Year – New Awesome! We got a new juicer for Christmas this year and are very excited about this new food and health adventure! So many people have told us the benefits of juicing and so we’re hoping it … Continue reading

Recipe: Chicken and Broccoli Calzones

Take that Pizza Hut! I found this recipe on While I modified the recipe a bit, this fellow chef inspired this meal in its entirety and wow! So yummy and way healthier than the Pizza Hut version I’m sure. … Continue reading

Recipe: Banana Bread

Homesick remedy I’ve been saving up over-ripe bananas and now the time had come for banana bread! This is something I can clearly remember my grandma and my mom baking – a smell from my childhood. The taste of that … Continue reading

Recipe: Pasta with Sun Gold Tomatoes

Light and delicious – a perfect ode to a summer’s eve This is a quick and easy meal, which by the way, smells amazing while it’s on the stove top!! Something about olive oil, garlic, and tomato sizzling away = … Continue reading

Recipe: Homemade Meatballs and Super Easy Garlic Bread

Sometimes inspiration strikes at an unexpected time… So I was driving home from work tonight, trying to figure out what to make up for dinner. Julie left out a pound of ground beef and I kept wondering what I should … Continue reading

Book Review: 100 Great Breads by Paul Hollywood

A New Years’ Resolution comes to life! One of my missions for the year involved making bread. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and as I was cruising through a sale at Barnes and Noble, I found my inspiration! … Continue reading

Recipe: Amazing Bread Bowl

If you want to gather a crowd… make this! Do you ever have food that is soo good it becomes a memory for you – you clearly remember the exact moment of your first encounter? Well, I clearly remember the … Continue reading

Recipe: Simple & Tasty Chicken Parmesan, Quick Dinner Salad, and Homemade Garlic Bread

Back in the saddle again! Hello again everyone… I must say I wondered how difficult keeping up Yummy Budget would be once we moved back to Iowa as our life has a new pace – I’m searching for a job, … Continue reading