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Recipe: Baked Apple Pancake

Birthday breakfast! I found this recipe about a month ago and logged it away in my “recipes” word doc that I keep on my desktop… it’s my landing place for all things inspiring that I find while cruising for new … Continue reading

Recipe: Pumpkin Pancakes

Perfect for Thanksgiving breakfast! When my Fall 2012 Penzeys Spices catalog arrived I reacted as always: giddy school girl! I love this publication and company and chefs like Kristine Benishek make it wonderful! I really enjoyed this recipe – it … Continue reading

Recipe: Mimi’s Poppy Seed Cake

Sometimes all you gotta do is bake – the instant cure for the moving blues! About a year ago I bought a beautiful clear glass container filled with poppy seeds at a cafe off the Oregon Coast. I finally found … Continue reading

Recipe: Simple Breakfast Pastries

Thanks Mom! My mom sent me this recipe that she got from the Aldi Test Kitchen ( This particular recipe comes from Chef Kates and it’s very yummy and easy to prepare! You’ll feel like a pastry chef whiz and … Continue reading

Recipe: Crepes with Fresh Fruit & Homemade Whipped Topping

The breakfast of champions! Today we ventured out to some cake tastings for my sister-in-law’s wedding. It was a day filled with sugary goodness, so I decided to go with that theme and make a sweet start to our day … Continue reading

Yummy Lovable – Dessert for Breakfast!

The three C’s – Cherries, Cream, Crepe (and prepare yourself for the fourth – Content!) For breakfast (and a late night dessert last night), I modified the basic crepes recipe from my Summer Vegetable Crepes post – adding 1 tablespoon … Continue reading

Recipe: Peaches and Crepes

When a venture into the back of the fridge actually yields wonderful results! So I must offer a confession – I am really bad about putting leftovers in the fridge and forgetting all about them! Once they get pushed toward … Continue reading

Recipe: Apple Hazelnut Waffles w/Northwest Berry Syrup

Waffles, Friends, and Sunday morning… perfection! This morning we ate like kings! Upon receiving a glorious waffle iron for the holidays from my awesome sister and brother-in law, we decided that we must pull out all the stops for its … Continue reading

Recipe: Surprise Burgers w/Fries, Orange Pork Chops, Pumpkin Pancakes, Black Bean Soup, White Bean Soup w/Pasta & Potatoes, Broiled Tomatoes w/Feta

Autumn greetings to all my yummy budget friends! The leaves on the trees are transforming into golden threads, flowing through the crisp, fall breeze and the sun is setting earlier every evening. When these cues from nature begin, my household … Continue reading

Recipe: Fruit Salad w/Vanilla Syrup, Parmesan Chicken w/Noodles & Chunky Marinara Sauce, Apple Coffee Cake

Menu Sandwiches and Fruit Salad with Vanilla Syrup (1 meal for 2 people = 2 meals) Credits Dammeier, Kurt Beecher, and Haddad, Laura Holmes. Pure Flavor: 125 Fresh All-American Recipes from the Pacific Northwest. United States of America: Sugar Mountain … Continue reading