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Recipe: Mediterranean quiche with a potato crust

I was in need of some new vegetarian inspiration. So I decided to take a stroll through my cookbook cabinet. Enter, the Costco favorite “A Decade of Cooking the Costco Way.” I modified the recipe from this book. It was … Continue reading

Recipe: Egg, Bean, and Veggie Wrap

Yum yum in our tums! I originally found this recipe here: I’m so glad I gave it a try – I didn’t quite follow the instructions. I took more of an “omelet gone wild” approach. (Throwing it all in … Continue reading

Recipe: Sauteed Veggies and Eggs

Our first meal as full-fledged vegetarians! Things have definitely been happening since my last post – mainly, I got super sick and was down for the count for about a week! During my time resting on the couch I had … Continue reading

Why can’t Half Price Books sell Kit Kats?!? C’mon now!

Exercises in personal strength from a woman who just needed a candy bar! Each day brings with it new adventures and admittedly most fall into the category of “forgotten” come the following morning. It’s easy to do with all the … Continue reading

Recipe: Red Swiss Chard Souffles

Let the cooking adventure begin…. I’ve always wanted to make a souffle and I hesitantly put it on my New Year’s List for this year. I honestly was intent on chickening out of the whole affair. Then fate intervened and … Continue reading

Recipe: Tomato Parmesan Quiche and Quick, Summer Salad

A quick dinner that makes the most out of fresh summer bounty I found this recipe on a fun blog I discovered through the TasteSpotting website. I love how Chef Erin combines art with recipes – it makes my heart … Continue reading

Recipe: Vegetable Quiche

Tryin’ to get back into the swing of things… Last week was busy – crazy in an epic magnitude! I spent my week writing a thesis introduction that did not want to be written (the words were very stubborn to … Continue reading

Recipe: Juicy Prawns Omelette

Captain Ryan’s Log… first entry! Dinner last night was made completely by my loving husband, Ryan! Realizing how frantic my schedule was becoming, he volunteered to make dinner this weekend. We found a recipe that he felt comfortable trying and … Continue reading

Recipe: Zucchini Frittata

Venturing into the unknown…. one baby step at a time! Tonight was the debut of our first “official” veggie-saurus recipe: zucchini frittata, from my new cookbook The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes Carnivores will Devour by Kim O’Donnel. This … Continue reading

Yummy Lovable – Meals on the Fly – Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes, and Veggies

The power of eggs, potatoes, and veggies… oh my! Dinner tonight was not a planned event – with a busy day behind me I was left to improvise. Nothing’s better than some eggs, a bit of milk, cheese, banana peppers, … Continue reading