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Howdy Partner!

Well as you may have surmised from my recent absence – we have headed out on another life adventure. I should really turn this into a travel blog rather than a cooking blog at the rate we’re going We are … Continue reading

Food Review: AppleGate Naturals – Uncured Sunday Bacon

A fun find in the organic section We decided some BLTs were in order for dinner the other night, but bacon can be so bad for you (as much as I love it!!!). This is a great organic and natural … Continue reading

Book Review: The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook by Kim O’Donnel

Meatless Mondays …. a yummy welcome to a new tradition! Our household is trying to eat healthier, while not compromising on taste (I guess, who isn’t?) and so we did a Meatless Monday this week. Keith and Julie were extremely … Continue reading

Book Review: 100 Great Breads by Paul Hollywood

A New Years’ Resolution comes to life! One of my missions for the year involved making bread. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and as I was cruising through a sale at Barnes and Noble, I found my inspiration! … Continue reading

Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Wallet Cards

Confessions of a busy person… So I have an awkward confession! In my post dated October 7th about the new dirty dozen food list (a.k.a. the foods you should always buy organic) and the clean fifteen (the foods you can … Continue reading

The new dirty dozen food list is here… check it out

Glad I read this before I bought apples for homemade cider! So I’ve been trying to buy more organic fruits and veggies as of late (and on top of that organic and local/regional). I’m planning to make a homemade apple … Continue reading

Five things under $20 that every kitchen needs!

A list of Yummy Budget tried and true favorites… some things you’ll expect to see and some fun surprises! Find all these treasures here: A great, sturdy measuring cup and spoon set. Measuring is obviously a critical part of … Continue reading

Why I can’t buy ground beef in a tube…

“Kindness to all” – my new decision making system for food shopping When I started Yummy Budget, it was very focused on spending $40 a week on groceries for our family. Over time, I became more comfortable with the budget … Continue reading

Food for Thought – Buyer beware!

I just saw this article and I think it definitely needs to be shared. The list of things we have to avoid putting into our food is getting longer and longer… I’m sure I’m not the only one yearning for … Continue reading

Food for Thought – summertime anthem!

Now that I’m in summer mode, things are a bit more relaxed. I’m still working away on thesis and projects around the house, but I find my schedule is more forgiving without all the classes and fellowship duties! Tonight we … Continue reading