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As Tina Fey would say… “What the what?!”

Ridin’ the spam waves So spam seems to come in thematic waves and this is one I’m not a fan of – especially as a lover of animals (like cute fuzzy kitties!)… Really, anonymous spammers of the internets… really?! Just … Continue reading

Wow… words escape me!

So I’ve been soo busy I haven’t had time to go through and check my comments in a couple of days. I had 41 awesome spam comments waiting for my reading enjoyment… and I have to say these totally made … Continue reading

Apparently…. we can offer much more than cooking advice!

Another great spam comment! (Who knew that along with menu and product suggestions, we here at Yummy Budget can offer British career advice?!) Hee hee… well we’re all multitalented I suppose! Will a past bankruptcy ruin my chance of becoming … Continue reading

Well now… that’s just plain mean!

I know I’m not the most computer savvy person out there (as my patient husband can attest to!) but I always thought the purpose of spam was to sell things – whether that be relatively innocent in nature (getting you … Continue reading

Huh? Um…. thanks???

Great Spam Comment Entry for the Day: Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a speculative conclusion outstanding post!

Oh great Spam gods… how you amuse me!

As we all know, random quotes have their place in the annals of comedic history. I mean… who didn’t at one point have a quote board, accessible and ready to display only the best comments from a night of socializing … Continue reading

Great Comments in Spam History!! (truly great!)

Well, dear readers, the time has come when the grass seed is in full swing in Eugene, OR. I awoke the other day almost unable to open my eyes, my face swollen and scratchy, and my ears ringing! This is … Continue reading

Kitchen Giggles Debut

Caught in the Giggle Loop* Hi fellow chefs, you’ll be seeing a lot more changes on Yummy Budget…. including this new category “Kitchen Giggles.” This is a forum to share all those funny mishaps that come with the kitchen territory. … Continue reading