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Franken-lunch… with good results!

C’mon fridge, don’t let me down! I did not want to spend a lot of time on preparing lunch for myself today. But admittedly I am finally recognizing the importance of taking time out to put forth the effort. Now … Continue reading

Boggy Creek Farm Visit

Happy farms make for happy veggies, eggs, and meals! We made good on our promise of finding local resources for dairy products ( today and took a big step in feeling better about our food choices. A simple Google search … Continue reading

Veggie Woes, Cookbook Cleanse, and Renewed Faith

My tale of re-organizing that dreaded cabinet above the microwave! This last week was spent blowing my nose, watching the laundry pile up, thanking Ryan for bringing me my umpteenth cup of tea for the day, and watching way too … Continue reading

What happened when I got “vegucated”

The toughest blog post I’ve ever had to write I have struggled to write this post, even though I know it could possibly inspire some other chefs and food lovers along the way. (And even knowing that talking about difficult … Continue reading

Why can’t Half Price Books sell Kit Kats?!? C’mon now!

Exercises in personal strength from a woman who just needed a candy bar! Each day brings with it new adventures and admittedly most fall into the category of “forgotten” come the following morning. It’s easy to do with all the … Continue reading

When Simple Food Goes A Long Way!

Cedar Fever, Frozen Tilapia, Leftover Broccoli, and ONE Guerrilla Dinner! When we moved to Austin a few people warned us about this phenomenon called “Cedar Fever.” For those of you unfamiliar with Austin’s plight, here’s a synopsis: For us … Continue reading