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How to: Make homemade tortillas

UPDATE – We have tortillas! Sometimes all it takes is a little more digging… and I found the recipe I was looking for that helped me create the perfect tortillas today. Thanks to Tasty Kitchen for posting this – what … Continue reading

Recipe: Delicious Chicken Tetrazzini & How To Remove Seeds from a Tomato

A great dinner that sticks to your ribs! Julie came to the rescue again with an awesome chicken tetrazzini recipe for tonight’s dinner. As we cleaned up dishes, we talked about our different cooking styles: since I started Yummy Budget … Continue reading

Recipe: Chicken Chili and How To: Make a homemade white chicken chili kit

Soup’s on! The last few days we’ve been super chilly in our apartment… the kind of chill that you can’t quite shake regardless of how much warm chai tea you drink! So this afternoon I ventured to the grocery store … Continue reading

How To: Pick out a ripe avocado, make homemade guacamole and Pico de Gallo

Lessons learned from taco night! The last meal I made when our friends were visiting was homemade tacos. I love making tacos – pretty easy to prepare and fun for each guest to “customize.” There’s something satisfying about having people … Continue reading

Recipe: Cheesy Manicotti Crepes with Easy Garlic Bread & How To: Cook Spinach

A new take on an Italian favorite! I decided to lean on my Penzey’s Fall 2011 Catalog once more for dinner inspiration. Now that our weather is getting that moody drizzle look again, I am craving warm and gooey comfort … Continue reading

How To: Stop drinking soda

Kickin’ the soda habit… so hard to do! This has been, and will continue to be, one of the hardest habits for us to quit. We always joke that soda will be the cigarettes of our generation, with our kids … Continue reading

Recipe: Baked Chicken Wings & How To: Sweet Potato Fries

All I needed was a UFC fight on the television and a soundtrack of loud people! I know a lot of my recent posts have focused on the new vegetarian recipes I want to try, but there’s plenty of meat-centric … Continue reading

How To: Save money at the grocery store

How to save at the store without spending hours clipping coupons, needing a storage unit for bulk purchases, or maintaining a garden: Tips for apartment dwellers and budgetistas everywhere! I’m a big fan of the Yahoo! Shine website (it’s a … Continue reading

How To: roast a red bell pepper

So tasty and pretty easy! I roasted a red pepper for the first time this year and I’ll never forget how accomplished I felt pulling that tasty treat out of the oven! It’s relatively easy to do, the aromas that … Continue reading