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Leroi gives thanks…

Sometimes all you need is a little scratch right under the chin… Our dear, sweet guinea Leroi had to go in for a surgery about two weeks ago. She is fully recovered, but I did get some pics. snapped during … Continue reading

Wow… words escape me!

So I’ve been soo busy I haven’t had time to go through and check my comments in a couple of days. I had 41 awesome spam comments waiting for my reading enjoyment… and I have to say these totally made … Continue reading

Halloween treats

Boo! Happy Halloween!! To celebrate the day where ghosts and goblins run amok, we here at Yummy Budget offer you some eerily tasty recipes from our past (insert ghost-like “ooooooo” here ). These treats are sure to please both the … Continue reading

Thank you 30 Rock!

When life keeps handing you anchovies…. I’ve had this little song in my head for the last few days – finding myself humming it throughout the house! It combines the things I love: movie nostalgia, Tina Fey, silliness, and pizza! … Continue reading

Have no fear… Stella is here!

Did someone say they needed help looking for a recipe?

Call in the computer expert!

Whenever Stella is out of her aquarium she always wants to be in the middle of all the action: either she’s pacing behind me in the kitchen or climbing around Ryan’s desk chair. Here’s a good shot of her “helping” … Continue reading

Kitchen Giggle – Leroi’s anticipation

The other day we fed our guinea pigs a watermelon slice – they were so excited to eat away all the pictures were blurry (although the videos turned out great!). I then remembered this older candid pic, taken the moment … Continue reading

Kitchen Giggles Debut

Caught in the Giggle Loop* Hi fellow chefs, you’ll be seeing a lot more changes on Yummy Budget…. including this new category “Kitchen Giggles.” This is a forum to share all those funny mishaps that come with the kitchen territory. … Continue reading