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Dinner and a Movie: My Fellow Americans & Garden Pasta Salad, Pepperoni Pizza, and Ricotta Cookies with Watermelon Margaritas

Who’s tired of hearing about politicians not getting along?? To the fridge I say! Finally, a heartfelt and comedic look at the oftentimes silliness of politics. This comedy from 1996 centers on two former presidents (and rivals) who find themselves … Continue reading

Dinner and a Movie: Grumpy Old Men & Crunchy Onion Chicken, Parmesan Roasted Red Potatoes, Cheddary Beer Soup, and Banana Cream Pie

The perfect way to get over the holiday craziness and let out your Bah Humbug! This hilarious comedy from 1993 reunites two of my favorite actors (Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau). Their ridiculous antics walk that fine line between endearing … Continue reading

Dinner and a Movie: Come Blow Your Horn & Cucumber Party Canapes, Cheese Dip, Fresh Fruit Dip, Parmesan and Basil Chicken Salad, and Fruit Pizza

This light, romantic comedy from 1963 stars Frank Sinatra as a Manhattan play boy who is living every bachelor’s fantasy until some sibling rivalry comes into the mix. The supporting cast will keep you in stitches as you enjoy the … Continue reading

Dinner and a Movie: Hatari! & Ethiopian Beef Tibs, Onion Bhajis, with Italian Cream Cake and Homemade Lemonade

A safari adventure with awesome snacks???? Yes, please!! Movie Premise: One of our favorite John Wayne movies! This 1962 gem takes place in Africa, focusing on the lives of a group of wildlife hunters (don’t worry – they collect the … Continue reading

Dinner and a Movie: Algiers & Almond Strawberry Salad, Civil War Mac and Cheese, with Lemon Icebox Dessert

Welcome to a new Yummy Budget post – we’ll be including these posts once a month to help you plan the perfect at-home date night. Each month we’ll choose a movie (hoping to find some selections you haven’t seen yet!) … Continue reading