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Recipe Spotlight – Meatless Burritos!

Veggie-saurus’ unite! We made our first meatless burritos tonight. I modified the recipe a bit from the original and thought it may end up as a risky, failed endeavor. But alas – it was great! Credits Here are my … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight – Beer Battered Fish

Hi fellow budget-conscious chefs! So last night I made my first ever beer battered fish. I definitely have a thing or two to learn about the technique – let’s just say it was pretty comedic watching me transferring the freshly … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight – Eggplant Parmesan

Where cheesy goodness meets healthy veggies! Having lived in Rome for a semester in college, Italian food holds a special place in my heart. In Italy every meal tells a story as unique as its flavors – the lines between … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight – Appetizer Dinner Nites

Just because the food is tiny, doesn’t mean the taste is timid! Friday nights are the nights to relax, wind down, and spend some time with friends.  Admittedly, it’s also the night I want to spend the least amount of … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight – Zucchini Frittata

Quite possibly the happiest you’ll be while eating feta cheese, eggs, and veggies! One of the most delicious ways to trim your grocery budget (and your waistline) is to incorporate eggs and vegetables. For me, this does present a challenge … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight – BLT Ranch Salad Pizza

It’s so cool… it’s well… um… cool! There are two very sacred things on my list of favorite foods: cheese and bacon. Anyone who knows me, or who follows my grocery receipts, see these two in a reoccurring presence. Lucky … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight – Garlic Mojo Hot Dogs

Yummy Factor – Check, Tasty Factor – Check, Recipe Name that makes you feel as cool as Austin Powers – Check There is a noble quest that every cook undertakes – although it is a quiet mission its momentum is … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight: Tortilla Soup

The fiesta your taste buds will refuse to show up to fashionably late to! A few years ago my husband and I joined his family on a trip to Mexico. It was here that I experienced the best-tasting nachos I … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight: Beef & Mushroom Dijon

What would happen if beef, onion, and mushroom formed a great 80′s hair band? Hint: You would want seconds of this ballad! Being a true Midwestern gal, I happily embrace my love of beef. Where I’m from the food fills … Continue reading

Recipe Spotlight: Bucket O’Stew – Veggie and Beef Stew

What happens when you wander about the produce section with reckless abandon??? Around two years ago something major happened, granted you may not have felt a disturbance in the force, but nonetheless it was a critical event: I completely made … Continue reading