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Recipe: Tortellini Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

A light-weight but filling Spring dinner My quest for new vegetarian flavors continues this week and I again found inspiration from my handy book “Step-by-step: Vegetarian.” I modified my version and although I wouldn’t say this is my most favorite … Continue reading

Recipe: Tuna Melts with Avocado

Yummy, yummy, yummy! I had no idea how much I was craving tuna until I made this recipe. I don’t really like standard “salad” sandwiches (like chicken salad, etc.) But this is not your mama’s tuna fish salad – this … Continue reading

Recipe: Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Dinner Salad

Patio Dinner! It’s supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend, but in the meantime (before we fast-forward to summer), it’s been lovely dining out weather. And when you eat outside you want to eat something light, pretty, and refreshing! This … Continue reading

Recipe: Carrot, Pineapple, and Mango Salad

When taking a chance pays off… big time… like Vegas big time! I’ve been on the search for new salad ideas. I don’t usually prepare/make salads so my armory of side dishes is pretty weak. With the warm beauty of … Continue reading

Recipe: Easy Potato Salad

Sometimes all you need is a grilled burger…. Our winter weather is mild once again, so a family grill-out was in order. And what better to accompany an easy meal than a quick potato salad? I’ve made this recipe multiple … Continue reading

Recipe: Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwiches & Red Grape Salad

Finger lickin’ good!! Tonight was a night for trying new things and in light of the current quest to get through the freezer stock, I decided to try some BBQ sandwiches and a red grape salad. I usually don’t mess … Continue reading

Recipe: Simple & Tasty Chicken Parmesan, Quick Dinner Salad, and Homemade Garlic Bread

Back in the saddle again! Hello again everyone… I must say I wondered how difficult keeping up Yummy Budget would be once we moved back to Iowa as our life has a new pace – I’m searching for a job, … Continue reading

Recipe: Meaty Spaghetti Sauce with Pear, Feta, and Lettuce Salad

It’s always better when it’s homemade! I peeked in my fridge this morning before I headed out to the grocery store and saw a few leftovers: baby bella mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta cheese. I thought to myself, what can I … Continue reading

Recipe: Tasty and Easy Chicken Burritos & Corn and Black Bean Salad

Set it and forget it – easy chicken and salad! So I remain in a bit of a chicken rut (what can I say? I love how inexpensive and tasty the chicken thighs are at my grocery store!) and this … Continue reading

Recipe: Apple Kuchen, Caprese Pizzas, Almond Strawberry Salad

A sweet three course dinner – ready for summer enjoyment! Tonight we had a special guest over for dinner and I wanted to make something unique – able to be enjoyed in the cool, summer breeze! I don’t know if … Continue reading