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Recipe: Baked Stuffed Shrimp

So easy to prepare and so yummy – everyone will be grazing on it long after their seconds! Wow – this was such a remarkable find! Thanks goes to Chefs Dave and Kerri Godfrey.  It’s hard to find a dish … Continue reading

Recipe: Shrimp with White Sauce

Shooting from the hip with a smile and some hope! Sometimes you gotta go for it and really try out your cooking skills! I still feel like a newbie in the kitchen, but I decided to go out on a … Continue reading

Recipe: Lemon-Dill Shrimp & Pasta

A great dinner for a lazy Friday night… Tonight was definitely a night when I wanted to take it easy and thankfully I picked out a recipe from the April edition of my Better Homes and Gardens magazine that fit … Continue reading

Recipe: Juicy Prawns Omelette

Captain Ryan’s Log… first entry! Dinner last night was made completely by my loving husband, Ryan! Realizing how frantic my schedule was becoming, he volunteered to make dinner this weekend. We found a recipe that he felt comfortable trying and … Continue reading

Recipe: Baked Scallops

Mission Possible: Scallops! The next chapter in our seafood adventure worried me a bit – as we were buying our scallops from Newman’s Saturday morning the lady helping us described some cooking options. All sounded like there was a pretty … Continue reading

Recipe: Prawns and Red Snapper

Under the Sea… Take Two Our latest adventures into seafood have taken us to two worlds: one unfamiliar and one where we’re finding our footing. The first being the preparation of red snapper fillets and the second being pan fried … Continue reading

Recipe: Shrimp Stir Fry

Why, yes, I’d like prawns with that! Our odyssey into seafood is officially beginning… our tasty friends from the sea have always made me feel cautious in the kitchen. (Insert my Midwestern, grass-based roots here) But I’m throwing my silly … Continue reading