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Recipe: Tempeh and Vegetable Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce

We love tempeh and while it’s not as common to find as tofu, the texture and flavor make it a stand-out winner for us.  This recipe was really easy to put together and incredibly delicious. Sweet, savory, and amazing! We … Continue reading

Midwestern greetings

How I miss my old grocery store… let me count the ways! I graduated from U of O this term (yay!) and we have just moved back to Iowa. (Thus the break in posts over the last few weeks.) We … Continue reading

How To: Pick out a ripe avocado, make homemade guacamole and Pico de Gallo

Lessons learned from taco night! The last meal I made when our friends were visiting was homemade tacos. I love making tacos – pretty easy to prepare and fun for each guest to “customize.” There’s something satisfying about having people … Continue reading

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday! So as most of our readers know, Yummy Budget started from humble beginnings and has only been online for a little over a year.  Since its debut in 2010 many things have changed – and … Continue reading

New and Improved!

Hi fellow chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and readers – As you may have noticed, Yummy Budget has had some serious upgrades! First of all, we now have a presence on Facebook – so if you like us, let us know! We’ve … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Yummy Budget!!

What a difference a year makes… Last year I started a cooking adventure, fueled by a desire to become a better chef and inspired by a more restrictive budget. It’s hard to believe that this journey started a year ago … Continue reading

Pantry Stock Addition – Omaha Steaks

Hello my fellow budget-conscious chefs, We received a housewarming gift of Omaha Steaks the other day. Our inventory is listed below. Admittedly, I’m not someone that would have originally fit Omaha Steaks’ target audience, but I must confess that I … Continue reading

A Yummy Budget First um… Second – The Week of Exceptions 2.0

Hello my fellow fiscally-minded friends, I bring more news your way. We are traveling this coming week and will be straying from our meal time responsibilities. As you will notice, lasagna rolls are starring on our menu again this week. … Continue reading

A Yummy Budget First – The Week of Exceptions

Hello my fellow fiscally-minded friends, I bring May greetings and news. You may notice the meal plan and budget is a little different for this week. In the continued efforts of clarity, I wanted to issue a brief notice. My … Continue reading