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Recipe: California Veggie Wrap

A Delightfully Refreshing Dinner I’ve been looking for some new vegetarian options for dinners and I love this one! Great for fall, but it would be perfect for spring. Here’s where the original version is found: California Veggie Wrap … Continue reading

Tofu Greek Salad Wraps

Easy, yummy vegetarian lunch! Since I’m still struggling to find un-seasoned tempeh in Austin, TX…. ugh… I modified this recipe: It was quick to make and the flavor was really satisfying and good. It’s a light meal, so you’ll … Continue reading

Veggie Pita Tacos

Quick & Satisfying Summer Meal With our recent adventure into a vegetarian lifestyle, I’ve been on the lookout for inspiration. On the plus side I’m remembering my favorites (sweet potatoes and cumin – who knew?!), getting more comfortable with throwing … Continue reading

Recipe: Best Vegetarian Quesadillas Ever!

Take that, restaurant appetizer menus of the world! Usually when I prepare a meal I can say, “yeah that’s about what I’d get at a restaurant.” But when I shot from the hip and made these the other night I … Continue reading

Recipe: Egg, Bean, and Veggie Wrap

Yum yum in our tums! I originally found this recipe here: I’m so glad I gave it a try – I didn’t quite follow the instructions. I took more of an “omelet gone wild” approach. (Throwing it all in … Continue reading

Recipe: Grilled Veggie Pitas with Goat Cheese

Summer’s Delight! An impromptu dinner party usually stresses me out (when I’m the hostess of course!), but this recipe is very easy to put together and I got many complements. The pesto/mayo combination is incredible and I repeated it yesterday … Continue reading

Recipe: Tofu Tacos with Lime & Cabbage

A little inspiration goes a long way! There was a recipe in my April 2013 Better Homes and Garden magazine that seemed easy to adapt to a vegetarian lifestyle. The recipe calls for shrimp and we substituted with tofu. I’ve … Continue reading

Recipe: Sweet Potato Quesadillas with Cucumber Relish

Wow! Sooo good for you and tasty! This recipe from my April 2013 Better Homes and Garden magazine was a great find. Admittedly I was a little overwhelmed to prepare this last night because I make my tortillas from scratch … Continue reading

Recipe: Tijuana Torta

The yummy wraps just keep on coming! Our lunchtime vegetarian adventures continued with this lovely recipe. I found the original here: I modified things here and there to make it more “Becky friendly” (a.k.a. non-spicy) and simplified some of … Continue reading

Recipe: Creamy Avocado and White Bean Wrap

Bye bye Boars’ Head lunch meat – here comes the new kid in town! I have not planned out Ryan’s lunch menu before – it’s always been a sandwich or leftovers from dinner. Now that we’re vegetarian I needed to … Continue reading