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Recipe: Tortellini and Cherry Tomato Salad

A quick but yummy dinner time solution Next in our updated arsenal of veggie-friendly options, the tortellini and cherry tomato salad. This recipe, found on My Recipes, was the star of the show. I wasn’t sure how all the flavors … Continue reading

Recipe: Falafel Pitas and Yogurt Cucumber Dressing

A cool and delicious Summer meal I have been recently trying to increase my vegetarian recipe base and found this great meal idea at My Recipes. Enjoy my modifications below! Falafel Pitas and Yogurt Cucumber Dressing – approx. $1.75 per … Continue reading

Recipe: Herbed Penne with Simple Grilled Vegetables

A light and refreshing take on a carb-centric meal! I am definitely a pasta girl and am always on the look out for new ways to “accessorize” my favorite carb This is so fresh and filling, and a snap to … Continue reading

Recipe: Spiced Pecans

A yummy treat that’s sweet to eat! This lovely snack delight comes from Chef Cheryl Smith and was featured in the Spring 2013 Penzey’s catalog. Chef Smith’s feature is wonderful and has a great takeaway “Cooking brings joy, health and … Continue reading

Recipe: Greek Yogurt Chicken

A-Mazing! I have a little extra swagger in my step this week because my new Penzey’s catalog came in the mail. Thursday I was sifting through the fridge fretting over what to make for next week’s slate of dinners – … Continue reading

Why can’t Half Price Books sell Kit Kats?!? C’mon now!

Exercises in personal strength from a woman who just needed a candy bar! Each day brings with it new adventures and admittedly most fall into the category of “forgotten” come the following morning. It’s easy to do with all the … Continue reading

Review: Ling Ling Savory Chicken for Lettuce Wraps

I’m beginning to like this thing they call “Costco” Sometimes in life things surprise you – for me, it’s recently been Costco. I have to admit every fiber of my “anti-WalMart” being wanted to hate it – just on principle … Continue reading

Herbes de Provence and Chicken

Herb goodness = Happy tummies! So in the ongoing craze that is our current household pace, I decided to serve a very simple dish for dinner tonight: easy chicken and Parmesan potatoes. During one of my trips to Seattle I … Continue reading

Slimcado… avocado’s sassy cousin

Sometimes you have to let a sale inspire you! I’m slowly but surely getting more familiar with my grocer’s produce section. (Although I haven’t tried as many of the exotic fruits and veggies as I’d like to, I’m working on … Continue reading

Meet Cute: Halo Peaches

Our most favorite produce discovery (until we return to the store… that is!) These little gems come to us from nearby Washington state – they are the perfect size for snacking and their sweet flavor is incredible! One of my … Continue reading